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Blue Aqua Sealer
Remover - Since Reel Blue Aqua Sealer is oil resistant normal make-up removers do not break it down.  You can use one of two things for removal. 1) Activate Reel Blue Aqua Sealer with Reel Blue Aqua Sealer and then follow with a wet (H2O) towel or sponge and wipe clean. OR 2) Use Reel Developer or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to activate Reel Blue Aqua Sealer and then follow with a wet (H2O) towel or sponge and wipe clean.  You may have to use a make-up remover to clean the make-up underneath the Reel Blue Aqua Sealer.

Legal Terms

REEL Creations, Inc. products are cosmetic. All cosmetic practices must be employed at all times. All REEL Creations products are manufactured in a clean environment. All precautions have been taken to insure cosmetic grade products.

Due to general abuse of products by the uninformed, it is necessary to advise you of the Cautions and Warnings that apply to our products. Although this list includes all the Cautions and Warnings that we are aware of, there is always the possibility of remote instances that were never foreseen by us at REEL Creations, Inc. If there is any doubt please contact us at the numbers listed on our contact page.

REEL Body Art Inks (in wet stage), REEL Body Art Remover, REEL Developer, REEL Matte Sealer and all REEL products with an alcohol base:



FLAMMABLE (Alcohol Base). Keep away from open flame, sparks or heat. Static electricity sparks sensitive. Fumes can travel and ignite. Treat as 99% Isopropyl or SD-40 Alcohol. When spraying any of these products, be sure OSHA safety precautions are employed in accordance with the size of subject and the quantity being sprayed. Large quantities such as full body spraying require spark proof paint booth ventilation systems. Small quantities sprayed out of atomizers or airbrushes should be treated the same as pump or alcohol based aerosol hair sprays.

Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid prolonged or continuous breathing. If airbrushing or spraying use spark proof exhaust ventilation. Contact us for advice.


REEL products are for external use only. Not to be swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes, ear canal, mucous membrane (inside of nose) or any other open orifices of the body. Do not apply these products over puncture wounds, infections or irritated skin. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. REEL Blood is bright in color with a sweet taste that may attract children to ingest the product. Professional supervision required.


REEL products are cosmetics. As with any cosmetic all sanitary cosmetic practices must be employed at all times. Persons with allergies and/or skin sensitivities should patch test these products on the inner elbow prior to use. SHOULD ANY SIGNS OF IRRITATION OR RASH APPEAR, IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE USE AND WASH EXPOSED AREAS WITH SOAP AND WATER.


Although REEL Creations products are among the best non-staining products available, they do contain pigments and dyes that may stain skin, hair, clothing and other porous objects. If staining is a concern, patch test the product in a non-obvious location.


REEL Blood products have a water and glucose (sugar) base which may be susceptible to bacterial contamination. To maintain a high standard for these products every batch is bacteria tested. REEL Blood contains a preservative and it is important to avoid the introduction of potential contaminants by storing product with lid tightly secured, using clean applicators and exercising common sense. If product shows signs of contamination (foul smell, color change or foreign matter), discontinue use immediately and discard product. This product is intended for single use application only. Product should be discarded after initial use. DO NOT RECYCLE OR REUSE PRODUCT. REEL Blood should be kept in a cool, dry place at all times. Do not expose product to heated environment.

Use in mouth is described in REEL Blood products description.


Some REEL products listed in this website are theatrical cosmetics intended for professional use only. Unskilled use is not recommended and REEL Creations, Inc. cannot be held responsible.

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