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Metallics Activation - REEL Metallics should ALWAYS BE ACTIVATED WITH LIQUID COLOR rather than developer.  Developer may be used but you will get a truer color using the liquid color.

Fred Blau's Portfolio

Reel Creations, Inc. originated in 1980. Fred Blau is the President and principal shareholder in the corporation. He has been a motion picture and television make-up artist since 1964 and has had extensive training in the manufacturing and formulation of make-up currently used in the entertainment industry. Many products he has formulated are standards for the industry such as REEL Blood, REEL Body Art and Body Art Ink, REEL Cover-up, REEL Blue Aqua Sealer and many other products that are waterproof, long lasting and have the benefit of minimal up keep.

Included in this movie presentation are a few of the effects using REEL Body Art and REEL Body Art Inks.

Blade I, II, and III
Blade I, II, and III

You will notice Wesley Snipes' tattoos in "BLADE I, II and III". These were manufactured by REEL Creations, Inc., created by Freddie Negretti (renowned tattoo artist), applied by Mr. Snipes' personal make-up artist Cindi-Reece Thorne.

The Grinch
The Grinch

In the movie "THE GRINCH", world renowned, multi Academy Award winner Rick Baker designed the whole make-up look. Mr. Carrey's make-up was rendered by up coming famous make-up artist Kazuhiro Tsuji. Mr. Blau was invited to make-up the photo double for Mr. Carrey. During this time, a certain make-up was created for the Grinch and because of the activity that the double has to go through, many of the touch ups were done using REEL Body Art Inks.

Water World
Water World

"WATER WORLD" presented many challenges. One of the major challenges was to come up with a make-up that would last on Dennis Hopper's "Smokers" in the ocean. Fred knew what to use and after showing the producers that this could be done, they gave him the green light to set up a laboratory on location to research, develop and manufacture REEL Body Art Inks specificically for this production. Every day we were able to 'tweak' the product on 75 stuntmen (our animal testing) until we achieved our goal and bring REEL Body Art Inks to perfection.

Show Down in Little Tokyo
Show Down in Little Tokyo

"SHOW DOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO" starring Cary Tagawa was a movie that also incorporated what we call the "wet process." The wet process is used for major sized tattoos that actually circumference the whole body. In this process we print the tattoos and while the ink is still wet, we transfer the patterns on to the body. The principal tattoo make-up artists were Mr. Blau and Mike Hancock.

Copy Cat
Copy Cat

"COPY CAT" starring Sigourney Weaver presented another challenge. Because Ms. Weaver had to look tortured, beat up and bruised, the challenge was to be able to makeup the wounds and not interfere with her performance by multi 'touch-ups.' Mr. Blau used the REEL Cover-Up/Effects Palette and REEL Body Art Inks. Because the inks were long lasting he had to do minimal touch up's and Ms. Weaver had time to herself to keep in character for the very difficult scenes she had to act.

Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin

One of our favorite make-up renderings is on the actor 'Jeep' who played "Bane" in the movie "BATMAN AND ROBIN" starring George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Uma Thurman. In this movie, Academy Award winner Ve Neil was the designer and head make-up artist. Rick Stratton and Brian Penikas did the intricate make-up on "Bane" using REEL Body Air Brush Inks. Even though the make-up took approximately 3 hours to render in the mourning, the 'after lunch' touch up's usually took about 20 minutes. Reel Body Art Inks really last. GET REEL!

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