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Shimmer Powders
Eyeshadow - REEL Shimmer Powders may be brushed on as eyeshadow.  Take extreme care not to get powder in eyes.

Fred's Tips

Below is a list of Tips when using our products.
If you cannot find what you are looking for feel free to Request More Information.
Blue and Green Screen Ink
In order to get the correct Blue or Green Screen effect that you need use Reel Body Art Ink White #8 over the skin first as a primer.
L.S. Dirt
"LS" DIRT is not compatible with REEL Body Art Inks because it contains oil. We have found that Reel Blue Aqua Sealer is oil resistant.  Try spraying Blue Aqua Sealer over Reel Body Art Inks to preserve them from breaking down when you spray with L.S. Dirt.  Let us know if it works for you.
Really Filthy
When using "LS" DIRT, for a really filthy or denser look apply a black and/or brown pancake first and then spray "LS" DIRT. 
Best Places to Spray
Around neck, inside elbow areas.  Scrunch neck and elbows to intensify dirty wrinkle look.
Air Brush Inks
Dark Tattoo
When COVERING A DARK TATOO it is advisable to take a round barrel red sable brush (#14 to #20 size) and stipple the fleshtone color over the dark areas first until they disappear.  Then airbrush over the tattoo to smooth out the stippled area and acquire a nice blend into the natural skin.  This avoids build up.
Small Blemish
To COVER SMALL BLEMISH on face, pinch a hole in a tissue and use as a shield and spray in short, light bursts using low pressure (5 to 8 lbs.).
Cleaning Airbrush
When you are finished using your double action airbrush for the day or you have long waiting periods between use, to clean your airbrush spray Reel Developer or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol into an airbrush capture trap.  Airbrush disassembly is not necessary.  Once you have determined that the airbrush is clean, spray a drop or two of mineral oil through and let sit until next use.  The less you disassemble your airbrush for cleaning the less wear and tear on the airbrush. When you are ready to use your airbrush again simply spay a small amount of Reel Developer or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol through to clean out oil residue before spraying ink.
A really neat trick, especially in an inclosed make-up trailer, is to take a 2 ft.X 2 ft. box fan and tape a 2 ft. X 2 ft. A/C filter over the exhaust side of the fan.  Place the fan behind the area to be sprayed so it draws the overspray into the filter.  This is especially effective around the face as well as on other areas of the body so the overspray is "sucked up" and the actor is not affected.
Spraying Around the Face
A double action airbrush is always recommended.  The client always flinches at the first "blast" of air.  So make it just that, a "blast" of air.  Now the client will settle down because they know what to expect and you can disperse the ink.  Always tell the client to hold their breath while you are spraying around their face and when they can no longer hold it to raise their hand and you will stop.  Use the first stage of your airbrush to clear the air around the face so that they can breath clean air.  Use caution not to press the second stage or the client will breath ink.
Using Vacuum Form for Designs on the Face

WARNING:  This can be a dangerous choice of application because the vacuum form can trap the airbrush ink spray and cause the client to inhale it.  This choice of application is not recommended by Reel Creations.

A way to use a vacuum form to apply designs is to cut it into sections and apply them one at a time leaving the nose free. Tell the client to hold there breath as in the paragraph SPRAYING AROUND THE FACE above.

Wounds Underwater
For WOUNDS UNDERWATER: use REEL Body Art Inks for wound, put REEL Thick Blood inside, cover with REEL Original Blood.  In water this looks like bleeding and it will last longer.
SCABBING: stiple spirit gum on the area and let dry.  Stiple REEL Old Dried Blood on top.  It will crackle just like a scab.
Thinning Blood Products
Liquid Bloods can all be thinned with distilled water.  You may need to add red, yellow, blue and/or green food color to maintain density of color.  Discard left over blood once this procedure is used due to possible contamination of the product.  Or the REEL LUNG, AGED or THICK BLOOD can also be thinned with REEL ORIGINAL FORMULA BLOOD. This procedure should not contaminate product provided sterile cosmetic practices are used.
Blood in Water
Reel Original Blood works well in water, however, we have found that adding milk to the blood has a tendency to work better.  Discard after use.
Blood in Swimming Pools
Chlorine may effect the color of Reel Blood depending on how much chlorine is in the pool.  The more chlorine the more the blood bleaches out.
Blue Aqua Sealer
Using Reel Blue Aqua Sealer
Spray once lightly over the desired area, let dry and then spray lightly again.  Two times total is all that is needed.  Avoid buld up.  Use a hair dryer to accelerate drying if necessary.
Reel Blue Aqua Sealer has a dulling agent in the product to create a satin rather that shiney finish.  If you feel you have to dull the product more, add cab-o-cil accordingly.
Beard Fixer
Try using Reel Blue Aqua Sealer as a beard or moustache fixer.  It is waterproof and should prevent moisture from straightening our dressed hair work.  Try using it as an alternative to Krylon.
Oil Resistant
Reel Blue Aqua Sealer is oil resistant.  It is an excellent product to protect make-up.
Since Reel Blue Aqua Sealer is oil resistant normal make-up removers do not break it down.  You can use one of two things for removal. 1) Activate Reel Blue Aqua Sealer with Reel Blue Aqua Sealer and then follow with a wet (H2O) towel or sponge and wipe clean. OR 2) Use Reel Developer or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to activate Reel Blue Aqua Sealer and then follow with a wet (H2O) towel or sponge and wipe clean.  You may have to use a make-up remover to clean the make-up underneath the Reel Blue Aqua Sealer.
If you are using an airbrush for Reel Blue Aqua Sealer it is advisable to use a separate airbrush because it is a cosmetic acrylic and cleaning between it and any other make-up will delay your job.  Use Reel Developer or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean your brush immediately after spraying Reel Blue Aqua Sealer.  Otherwise you may have to soak your airbrush in Reel Developer or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol for an hour or longer to properly dissolve sealer for total cleaning.
Reel Blue Aqua Sealer is an excellent liquid to use on cake eyeliner.  Put it on once and walk away.  It lasts all day.  Use Reel Blue Aqua Sealer on a Q-Tip in order to correct or remove eyeliner.
Body Art
When the skin needs to be PROTECTED FROM THE SUN, mix one bottle of alcohol based gel sunscreen (ie. #30 Shade sunscreen) in a 22 oz. trigger spray bottle with REEL Developer or  99% Isopropyl alcohol.  Fill to fill line.  Spray over skin, including REEL tattoos and REEL Body Art Inks. DO NOT SATURATE.
Extend Body Art Life
To PROLONG LIFE of REEL tattoos or REEL Body Art Inks spray with REEL Blue Aqua Sealer whenever possible, especially if make-up, suncreen, etc. is to be used over REEL Body Art Inks.
Age Tattoo
To AGE A TATTOO and make it look MORE REALISTIC or as if it is under the skin, choose a shade of Pancake compatible with skin and wipe over the top.  Can be used over REEL Blue Aqua Sealer.  Eliminate this step if the tattoo needs to look new or fresh.
Linear Work
When doing linear work or linear touch ups, a long bristled brush is recommended as it will not dry out as quickly as a short brush.
Discolored Teeth
To DISCOLOR TEETH, mix REEL Body Art Ink to desired color then mix with spirit gum and apply to dry teeth.  Let dry before closing lips.
70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol is not suitable to thin REEL Body Art Inks.  The water content in the 70% alcohol will cause the inks to curdle and render themselves useless.  Always use REEL Developer or 99% Isopropyl.
Swimming Pools
The chlorine in swimming pools may affect the REEL Body Art Inks.  Cover them with REEL Blue Aqua Sealer for best results.
Palettes & Quick Cover
Brush Size
When COVERING A BLEMISH use appropriate size round barrel sable brush and stiple to cover creating texture.
For MORE DENSITY use corresponding liquid color to activate color in REEL Pallettes in place of developer.
Metallics Activation
REEL Metallics should ALWAYS BE ACTIVATED WITH LIQUID COLOR rather than developer.  Developer may be used but you will get a truer color using the liquid color.
Mixing Hint
Use the inside of the pallette lid to mix the colors of your choice.  Clean with REEL Developer or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.
Don't forget to TAKE PICTURES for matching and continuity. On the set when taking pictures always call out "flash" so the camera and lighting departments know it is not a set light burning out.  Never take pictures when an actual "take" is in progress.
Take pictures of real abrasions, bruises and cuts FOR REFERENCE.  If possible, take pictures during the healing process. Keep a file of actual facial features, beards, moustaches, noses, eyes and what ever else you can think of as well as wounds and burns etc.  These can be invaluable.
Shimmer Powders
Sticking Shimmer
If you spray some REEL BLUE AQUA SEALER on a white sponge and dip it in the REEL SHIMMER POWDER of your choice you can apply the shimmers to the skin and they will last a long time.
REEL Shimmer Powders may be brushed on as eyeshadow.  Take extreme care not to get powder in eyes.
Shimmer Powder Over Metallic Inks
REEL Shimmer Powders are excellent to use ove REEL Metallic Inks in order to enhance the inks and give them pizzaz.
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